As you may already know, I go hiking quite frequently, almost every week, I might say. During these trips, I have time for many thoughts, some of which are oriented toward future objectives.

In the past, I wasn’t so focused and centered on my goals because sometimes the motivation, other times the skills, or on other occasions, the strategy wasn’t there.

After learning NLP, I started to use some efficiency methods, and as an NLP Trainer, I will describe a quick strategy for defining objectives. After understanding and using this method, I began getting everything I wanted.

There are three kinds of objectives: to have, to do, and to become. The more you are aligned with a goal from the last category, to become, the more energy and motivation you will have.

During hiking, with each step I took, I thought of the person I would be at the end of this amazing tour.

How did I do that?

I decided to stop losing my time and energy by being more aware of my daily choices.

This day-to-day practice is called the “YES-NO mothod” and changed me from someone with no energy to someone capable of hiking Mont-Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Zugspitze twice in one day, and even the mighty Matterhorn.

To support this productive behavior, I even created a wallpaper on my computer and phone to be able to notice the strategy constantly.

The method is simple, and the wallpaper looks like this:


The idea is that when we say YES to some things, actions, or people, we say NO to others. And if we say NO to some, we say YES to others.

If you say YES to watching a film, you say NO to reading a book.
If you say YES to a burger, you say NO to a pizza.
If you say YES to a cake, you say NO to ice cream.
If you say YES to spending time with one person, you say NO to spending time with another.

This method can not show if your decisions are good or bad.
It cannot tell you if you are right or wrong.
Its purpose is to make you aware of your choices.
Whether you want to have something, reach something, or become somebody, you will instantly be on the right track if you decide to use this method daily.

What provides this method?
Control and responsibility for your own life.
Enjoy it.

It’s easy and free, and the feeling of owning your daily choices is liberating!