Do you have a dream?

I mean, do you have a HUGE dream?
Do you have something that inspires you? Do you have something that gives you goosebumps only by thinking about it?

When will you achieve it?

In the coaching sessions I had last year, many clients said they had problems with motivation when we spoke about dreams and objectives.

Like those clients, I was also a person who mainly got his motivation from the outside and needed constant confirmation from other people: clients, friends, or family. After I learned about this method, a click happened, my perspective changed, and I became self-sufficient. I understood I could access motivation at any time, only by looking at one photo.

What I want to share today starts from a way of thinking that is very precious to me: efficiency. The idea comes from mathematics, and James Clear presented it in his book Atomic Habits.

If you do the same things today as you did yesterday, we will have the same results. What if you do the same things for a whole year? Well, I think it’s clear: you would have the same results without change!

But what would happen if you made a slight 1% improvement compared to the day before? Would any significant change happen?

Not tomorrow, because 1.01 x 1.01 = 1.0201

How about the day after tomorrow?

Not even then, because the math goes like this:

1.0201 x 1.01 = 1.030301

What happens if you repeat the process for a year: give only 1% more than before?

Well, now hold on to your seat and hear the drums because the result is big, Big, BIG, BIIIGGGGGGGG:

1,01 x 1,01 x …. x 1,01 (365 times) = 37,8

Yes, you saw it correctly: 37.8

It means that if you have an area in your life and work just 1% to be
better than yesterday, you will be 38 times better after one year.

Incredible, isn’t it?

Now the part of me that told me to give this extraordinary formula forces me to tell you the whole truth.
If you’re 1% more inefficient and unproductive than yesterday, you’ll be only 0,03 of what you are today in one year.

0,99 x 0,99 x … x 0,99 (365 times) =0,03 

This concept has given me confidence in my actions, and I no longer expect encouragement from the outside because I trust math.

To summarise: If you do a minimum of 1%, you are 38 times better, more skilled, and more successful at the end of the year.

You trust math in many fields, from computers to building houses or driving. Why not use math also in personal development?

Just try it, and let’s talk in one year to compare!