There was a time when I was afraid to dream or dream big, as some might say. Why was I afraid?

The answer is lack of self-confidence, lack of experience in large projects, always expecting the right moment, or sometimes perfectionism.

I was afraid to take chances and constantly worried about the worst possible scenario.

NLP’s beauty is that ordinary people can reach excellence with psychological techniques, and I ask myself: what would happen if you had access to a highly successful strategy?

How would you use it? How would your life improve?

The following method comes from Walt Disney because he was one of the extraordinary people who reached excellence. If you think of achieving something, this simple NLP strategy could give you the clarity to start your project and get over the fearful parts.

It is said that he had three rooms where he thought about his goals.

In one, he was a dreamer, where everything was possible. In the other one, he was a planner, where he thought about the strategy, and in another, he was a critic, thinking about the possible objections.

If you don’t have three separate rooms, imagine that you use three chairs for each role. Open up, let the inspiration come, and start writing the ideas.

On one of the chairs, relax and dream about your project.
The dreamer focuses on the vision and answers questions like:

– What could be done if there were no limits?
– How could the future look like?

– What could be done if there were no limits?
– How could the future look like?

On the other chair, you are the planner, the realist, and you think about the strategy to build it.
The realist is in charge of planning and starts with statements like:

– How … can be done…
– What are the steps …
– What do I need …

On the last one, you think about what can go wrong.
The critic is in charge of objections and answers questions like:

– But …
– What if…
– Did you think that … would work?

After one round, you combine all the ideas and decide whether to play one more round for each role.

After finalizing one, two, or three rounds, you will have a strategy for reaching your goal, and your initial fear will be minimized.

What can I say more …
find your goal, and give it a try!