Do you want to eliminate frustration when learning and understand how the process works?

If yes, I want to know: how long was it for you till you mastered a new skill?

For example, speaking German and feeling comfortable took me around five years. There are still verbs that kill me, like “entschieden” and “entscheiden,” but I am so grateful for my amazing german friends who help me daily with it (on this occasion… vielen herzlichen Dank Klaus).

By the way, if you have the same problem with “entschieden” and “entscheiden” there is a fantastic connection. The only difference between these words is the order of the IE in the middle.

entschieden – the past form of the verb – the IE letters come from Internet Explorer, where you can find information from the past.

entscheiden – the present form of the verb – the EI letters come from the verb to break up – “scheiden,” which can happen only in the present. You can not break up with someone in the past or future.

So, after a few German tips, let’s return to the main path.

A few years ago, I had no idea everything in our life is a process. It wasn’t that I was messy or disorganized; I expected results much faster, and I was very frustrated when I didn’t get them.

I did not know that there are specific stages in a learning process and each step has its challenge. After I understood this NLP concept and how learning goes, my life changed because I accepted the whole process. Additionally, I did not get involved in other tasks because I knew exactly how many resources I had to invest.

I became more organized and had more time because I knew precisely the price to acquire a new skill or master a new position.

Many people know only about the 10 000 hour rule, which is very realistic, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. In reality, in NLP, there are four stages of learning, with a 5th special one.

  1. unconsciously unskilled
  2. consciously unskilled
  3. consciously skilled
  4. unconsciously skilled
  1. Unconsciously unskilled: in this stage, people do not know that some concepts exist. Imagine that right now, you have no idea that in the Pacific Ocean, there is an island called “Magical Island” with its own language.
  2. Consciously unskilled: the next stage is to make you aware of your level and the fact that you know some things and do not know others. Now you know about the island, and you know that you can not communicate in the language its inhabitants speak(“the Magic Language”).
  3. Consciously skilled: this stage is when you start to give resources(Time, energy, money, attention) to acquire those new skills. How much time? The first results appear after 500 hours, and the whole phase can take up to 5000 hours.
  4. Unconsciously skilled: after 10 000 hours, you reach a level where you use these skills effortlessly.

I wanted to tell you about this concept because I often receive this question: “Why does the NLP Practitioner course take 9 Modules over 9 Weekends?”

Simple! Because it takes time to see results and because it is a journey!

How many seminars, webinars, courses, and lectures have you attended in the last period? How many of them did you say they were sensational at that moment? How much information did you implement in your life? What were the results? How did you measure them?

Many courses promise the magical pill, saying that if you do only one thing, all your problems, suffering, and misery will be over.

Realistic? After trying so many of them, I can say no, not even close.

Let me tell you why: imagine that you did things, had some patterns, and some behaviors year after year. Only reading a medicine book does not make you a doctor. Only because you watched a Bruce Lee movie doesn’t make you a Kung Fu master.

The NLP Practitioner course takes 9 Weekends to be able to integrate the new information into your life.

To be able to practice those methods and find the specific area of your life, you can use them at their most capacity. To be able to measure your progress. To be able to adjust. To have someone who will guide you through the whole process. To have a support group formed from people with similar challenges. To have a one-to-one that helps you overcome that problem that was always there and support you to reach your desired objective.

So, it takes time to make these concepts part of your life.

It takes time to practice. It takes time to understand how to fix your problems from the past. It takes time until you deal with challenging situations automatically. It takes time to recharge and eliminate exhaustion. It takes time to understand your emotions and not get stuck in negative states.

It takes time for a real and lasting change.

It takes time to be able to live close to those 5000-10000 hours.

Now that you have read so far, I will tell you about the 5th stage. That happens only after 25 000 hours. Yes. You read well. 25 000 hours! It is called the creation stage, and when you reach that level, you can contribute to the area of your interest. You have so much experience, you can see through various concepts, and now you can create your own.

In the end, just find something you truly love, relax and enjoy the process!