Transform your life with NLP Training

Transform your life with NLP Training.

How can NLP help you?

Transform your life with NLP Training and Systemic Coaching in Munich.

Many people say that time is the most valuable resource, but is it really?
How is it for you? How valuable is your time?

Imagine how much time you waste daily when your thoughts go where they want to go.

Two minutes now, another five later, maybe ten when someone has annoyed you, and in the evening, when you remember other problems, you stay another half hour angry before falling asleep.

If you add up all this time, you notice that every day you waste hours thinking about past events that you keep repeating to yourself.

Imagine if you can't control your thoughts, it's like having a car without a steering wheel. It's big, powerful, but it goes where it wants to go and usually ends up in an accident.

Would it be attractive for you to have a few extra hours every day? ... with the help of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP - techniques, you will understand and succeed in controlling your thoughts and mind.

NLP is for you if you ...

- want to stop being angry or sad
- feel like you're arguing with everyone, and no one understands you
- feel that you no longer resonate with the people around you
- want to be understood by the people around you and have better relationships
- notice that wherever you go, you fail to connect and make friends
- have trouble sleeping or going to sleep
- are confused about your future and feel you need to make a change

I will teach you powerful NLP methods that will help you to ...

- increase your self-confidence and activate your courage
- communicate effectively and create harmonious relationships with others
- differentiate between comfortable and uncomfortable emotions
- differentiate between happiness and fulfillment
- overcome your barriers and limiting beliefs
- sleep better and wake up rested and full of energy
- achieve your goals in your career or private life

Did you ask yourself

What is neuro-linguistic programming - NLP?

There are many definitions of NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, but the ones that best describe these concepts are as follows:

All are interesting, but the definition I like best is:

NLP is our mind’s manual, not given to us at birth…

… come and transform Your Life with NLP Training.


NLP Training

You are in the right place!

Why do you think football teams need coaches, trainers?
You can always do the job alone, but if you decide to work with a specialist, you will be supported by someone who:

- knows that you need to be clear about your goals and dreams
- understands how to build a strategy for you to get long-term results
- helps you to be independent

The typical phases in a training process


Analysis and

You decide your needs and objectives and make the strategy to achieve these.

Learning and implementation

The actual training takes place through various methods, and you get to learn and apply the new techniques.

and adjust

The learned methods are being analyzed and adjusted to fulfill your desired needs.

and feedback

The final stage assesses the effectiveness of the training, gathers feedback, and measures outcomes to identify areas of improvement.

What do you think?

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When to reach for external support ...

- when you want to stop being so nervous
- when you feel like you're arguing with everyone and no one understands you
- when you notice that wherever you go, you fail to connect and make friends
- when you feel you don't fit in no matter what you do

By working with me, you will learn how to ...

- communicate effectively and create harmonious relationships with others
- increase your self-confidence and activate your courage
- better understand your emotions so you don't get stuck in negative states
- to understand and overcome the anxiety and the fear that is holding you back

Pricing plans

NLP Trainings


6 Modules
Coaching and Training
Obstacle Standing
Specific Advice Situation
Includes all Workbooks


6 Modules
Coaching and Training
Obstacle Standing
Specific Advice Situation
Includes all Workbooks

What do you think?

We will work together to solve your challenges on a flexible schedule.

General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers regarding NLP in general and the NLP training. Please feel free to contact me if you don't get your question answered below.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a learning model about achieving excellence, a manual for rewriting mental programs using language.

The term originated in the 1970s in California, United States, when Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed a new pseudo-scientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy.

Before contracting such services, it is essential to identify your own needs, as each course is tailored to meet specific requirements.

In training, the focus is on acquiring skills, following a clear structure. Each training session has a defined purpose, and there is enough time within a session for examples and practical exercises to apply the information immediately. At the end of each session, feedback and assistance will be provided.

A training session aims to train skills to achieve a concrete result.

The trainer has solid technical experience in the required area of interest and explains the concepts and the reasons and benefits of learning them.

Yes, at any time. My recommendation is to take some time and consult with me before stopping to understand the reasons behind it.

At the end of the course, you will have enough resources and tools for future situations, and you will be able to identify the actions you need to take to see an improvement.

A training session is limited in duration and can focus on short or long-term objectives. There are one-day, one-weekend, 7 days/one-week courses, and in more complex situations, courses can span several months.

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