Cosmin Mihoreanu

NLP and Systemic
Coach & Trainer

Cosmin Mihoreanu - NLP Trainer & Systemic Coach

Persistence beats talent every single time.

NLP is a Manual for Your Mind!

I accompany individuals’ development and change processes. I specialize in identifying complex relationships and interactions between systems to identify new insights and solutions.


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There was a time when I believed my self-worth was zero, and I was scared to talk to others. Some situations were constantly repeating, and I was very confused: should I invest more energy in some relationships? Should I persist, or should I let go? I had the impression that no matter what I did, I was never good enough, and I didn’t know what stopped me from having the life I wanted.

Learning NLP has fundamentally changed my life for the better, and I can confirm that results happen much faster with the support of a specialist.
I am passionate about understanding how the mind works. There is no point in wanting freedom, love, or happiness if you are unaware when you have them.

I know that everything in life is part of a process, and to reach success, harmony, or fulfillment, you must have the right strategy.

My goal as an NLP trainer is to teach you practical methods to take control of your thoughts, remove the feeling of emptiness, and find your inner balance.

In the end, you will find new solutions to your current problems and become the person you always desired.

I am looking forward to meeting that person.

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Cosmin Mihoreanu - NLP Trainer & Systemic Coach

Do you like shopping?

As you’ve probably already anticipated, some people would say they love it, while others would say shopping is torture.

Sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes it’s no. For some, it’s a thrill; for others, it’s an obligation.
The reality is that shopping is necessary for all of us, whether we like it or not.

For this reason, would you want to go shopping with just the money in your wallet, or would you prefer to use your bank card? What would be the number of products you would get? How many things could you buy just with the bills you currently have in your wallet? What would be the result?

What would it be like if you removed the physical limit of your wallet and used your card every time?

As a coach and trainer, I aim to provide ways to access internal resources to consciously replicate excellence in all areas of your life.

To provide that PIN, that secret number many don’t know or perhaps forgot long ago.

Coming from an environment where responsibility, integrity, quality, and efficiency are the standard, I can’t wait to meet and support you on your journey.

Proud and honored to contribute to your success,

Cosmin Mihoreanu

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Cosmin Mihoreanu

Cosmin Mihoreanu - NLP Trainer & Systemic Coach

A few private things:

- I love people and I've come to see the potential in everyone.
- I'm passionate about clarity and efficiency.
- I have a vegan lifestyle.
- I have two children.
- I go to the mountains almost every week.
- I also have problems and daily challenges.
- one of my mottos is: "Do your best!"

and of course:

... learn NLP because NLP is a Manual for Your Mind!

Cosmin Mihoreanu - NLP Trainer & Systemic Coach

Normal is great, smiling is much better!