Successful Sales Advanced NLP Methods

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

“If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Customer, Your Competitor Will.” (Bob Hooey)

Through training and hands-on exercises, you will have access to a collection of advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP methods for understanding the psychology of persuasion. You will learn: 

  • what successful salespeople focus on;
  • how much the words you use can influence your subconscious when it comes to selling something;
  • how to understand the need behind what people say they want;
  • how to do valid market research to understand who is your competition;
  • how to have a clear vision of your business and correctly define the products or services you want to offer;
  • which is the most appropriate sales channel for your products or services;
  • how to set the price for your products correctly, without fear of being too expensive or too cheap;
  • what mistakes exist in marketing and sales, and how to fix those mistakes.

1 Weekend: Fr (16:00 – 19:30) + Sa (10:00 – 17:00) + Su (10:00 – 17:00) – Munich / München

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

You are in the right place!

Would you like to predict the future?

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

I heard a quote a while back that would be attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

That’s exactly what I’m offering here—a set of skills that allows you to predict and create your own future.

Besides, you may ask: What you’re telling me works now, but what if things will change in the future?

You are absolutely right, and I would think the same if I were to read this. This course is a collection of psychological methods independent of time and location because our basic needs are the same everywhere, from China to Africa, from the South Pole to Munich, Germany. In addition, you will gain a new way of thinking and improve your adaptability to be prepared for all the changes that will come.

As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you may not always know what you will be working on or what your income will be in a week, a month, or a year. What would it be like to be able to predict or create the kind of product the market needs?

Would you worry about finances ever again?

Besides, I’m sure you’ve wondered how some people are financially prosperous and others are always on the edge of poverty. Doesn’t that classmate from school come to mind who, even though he wasn’t very good at school, is now more financially prosperous than you?

What if you found out there was a formula for everything you wanted? 

After attending Successful Sales – Advanced NLP Methods, you’ll learn the cutting-edge formula successful sales people use and use it to create your strategy that leads to financial prosperity. 

You’ll understand the marketing principles that bring in repeat customers and learn what sales methods you can use to sell your products or services. You will have access to all the successful methods that have already brought results, and you will be among the few who have achieved financial success.

Ultimately, you will take conscious control of your results, do what you love, and get paid well for it.


Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

You are in the right place!

People who struggle with money, do not manage to have clients, or those with constant financial problems think like this:

  • money changes people;
  • money does not bring happiness;
  • I am not a good salesman;
  • I can’t lie;
  • there’s no point in making a lot of money. I’ll have to pay higher taxes;
  • so many people in the market are better than me;
  • my product is not good enough and still needs some time to be excellent;
  • the competition has better products;
  • there are never enough customers in the market – look how many others are struggling around me.

If you have one of these beliefs or find yourself in similar situations, you need to participate to free yourself from these destructive beliefs that limit your prosperity.

Successful Sales Advanced NLP Methods
Successful Sales Advanced NLP Methods

Make A Customer,
Not A Sale

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

Make A Customer, Not A Sale

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” – Seth Godin

Why take the course:

  • you have the chance to make unlimited money;
  • you have the freedom to follow your intuition, identify opportunities, and act immediately;
  • you are free in thought and action and see how your work impacts many others;
  • you have the opportunity to grow together with your business;
  • you have absolute control over your career;
  • you have the chance to help a lot of people;
  • your work will become your passion.

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

What happens if I don't participate? 

Missing out on the Successful Sales course means losing the opportunity to improve your skills and expand your knowledge, leaving your future to chance.  In addition: 


You will remain behind your competition, and, as you already know, "Competition" never sleeps.


You will use time, energy, and money in the wrong way. Do you think you will always have this energy?


Imagine you want to sell cheese to someone who wants a bicycle. Can you afford not to understand your customers?

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

What you will learn at the course:

Because the course is complex and covers a broad spectrum, it is divided into 3 days. Here, you will find answers about what new skills you will learn and practice. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.

On this day, you will:

  • get to know yourself and understand why you do what you do;
  • determine what your strengths are so you can use them to the full and what your weaknesses are so you know how to turn them into resources;
  • understand what stress is, and you will learn practical ways to work through situations when you feel you can’t;
  • establish a strategy: you will know what to do if you don’t know what to do yet.

On this day, you will:

  • learn to interpret and consciously use language to improve your communication with others to achieve desired results;
  • understand the correct interpretation of body language and non-verbal language elements so you will always know how to communicate your message beyond words;
  • master the use of communication skills to build a more productive win-win relationship with your clients;
  • understand the process by which buying decisions are made and prepare your offer so that customers perceive the value of your products;
  • find out what your customers’ preferred types of communication are, so you’ll know exactly how to speak their language;
  • learn how to negotiate with “difficult” customers and how to turn them into “friendly” ones;
  • identify role models and learn from them using the modeling process; 
  • find out the psychological reasons why most people never achieve what they want;
  • be able to understand how to increase your inner motivation and how to become productive without feeling like you are making an effort;
  • learn to focus your mental effort for as long as it takes or until you achieve your goals.

On this day:, you will:

  • understand who your customers really are so you don’t spend time and money approaching the wrong people;
  • define the target area of your products (local, regional, online customers);
  • decide how to structure your product or service types to have consistent income;
  • learn the necessary steps in writing an offer that sells;
  • how to create headlines that create curiosity and engagement;
  • realize who your competition is and how to use it to your advantage;
  • understand how to promote yourself and how to price your products correctly, without fear of being too expensive or too cheap;
  • understand which marketing channels are optimal for promoting your products and why it is not always optimal to work only on Social Media;
  • learn how to integrate artificial intelligence AI to save time and energy;
  • understand what are the main difficulties you might encounter in sales, and what are the optimal methods for each.

In the end, you will be able to apply these advanced methods immediately to achieve your desired results.

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

Investment: 780 Euros*

*480 Euro if you register before 30 September
1 Weekend: Fr (16:00 - 19:30) + Sa (10:00 - 17:00) + Su (10:00 - 17:00) - Munich / München

Money back guarantee: you have a 100% money-back guarantee on every module completed.

Suppose on any module completed, out of the total number of modules, you feel unsatisfied. In that case, you may request a refund on that module, and the amount paid on that module will be returned to you 100%, unconditionally. If you choose to do this, it entails terminating your participation in any other course modules remaining unattended.

The money-back-guarantee only applies to one module at a time, not all modules already taken, and where no money-back claim has been made. Once a course’s module has been completed and you decide to attend the next one, the previous module is considered to be out of the guarantee, and the money-back guarantee applies only to future modules. Attending the next module indicates you were completely satisfied with the previous module.

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

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Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details. If you have any additional questions, please write to

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods

Secure your spot now and invest in your future success.

When does the course take place:

The course takes place in Munich / München in one weekend:
Fr (16:00 - 19:30)
Sa (10:00 - 17:00)
Su (10:00 - 17:00)

Course material:

You will receive the "Successful Sales" course material for each module in printed and digital formats. This dual approach ensures you have all the tools you need to succeed in your learning journey.

What Previous Knowledge is Required

The good news is that no prior learning knowledge or experience is essential to take this course. This training is open to anyone wishing to improve their finacial life.

Successful Sales - Advanced NLP Methods


By enrolling in this course, you expressly agree to take full responsibility for how you intend to apply the concepts presented. This product is in no way a substitute for the assessment or advice of a certified financial professional. This course is a personal development course for general information purposes only. No guarantees of any kind for the efficacy of the concepts presented are included with its purchase. There is no legal liability regarding how you apply this information.

Successful Sales