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NLP Training and Systemic Coaching: Empowering Personal Development.

From time to time, we've all felt that some things aren't how we wanted them to be. We get so used to feeling bad that we forget what it feels like to be good.

"What should I do to have the life I want? What's stopping me from getting there? "

Coaching is not meant to fix someone. It's about understanding human behavior and that we are good as we are. In a coaching process, the coach usually does not have technical expertise in the area of interest requested. He creates the context for clients to find the answers themselves.

If you have recurring situations, a coaching session could be the key to your solution. I am here to show you your inner potential. In the end, I will ask the proper questions, and you will discover the right answers.

Coaching is for you if ...

- you are confused, lack clarity, or maybe you are hesitating between several options
- you are confused about your future and feel you need to make a change
- you have a plan, you know what you have to do, and still, you procrastinate

I'm here if you want me to ...

- support you in identifying internal resources to overcome challenges and have more clarity in your thinking
- reach a goal, build a strategy, and an action plan
- look at things from more directions and understand other perspectives

You are in control

You're with the right coach if he or she:

A good coach listens, asks, examines, and challenges. A good coach never gives advice. He is only a guide in the process. By asking questions, the coach seeks new solutions and clarifies values and beliefs. In general, the coach shows you the possibility of having multiple solutions.

NLP Training and Systemic Coaching: keys to Personal Development.

NLP and Systemic Coaching


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The coaching process involves a collaborative journey where I will facilitate self-discovery, set goals, and support you in overcoming challenges. I will empower you to gain clarity, unlock your potential, and achieve meaningful transformation through effective questioning, active listening, and personalized strategies.

The typical phases in a coaching process


Establishing the Coaching Relationship

This stage involves building rapport, setting expectations, and defining the coaching relationship.

Assessing Current State and Setting Goals

I will support you in assessing your current situation, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and setting specific, measurable goals.

Developing Strategies and Action Plans

In this stage, we will collaborate to explore potential solutions and develop strategies for achieving our defined goals.

Reviewing and Evaluating Progress

We will regularly review progress, assess the effectiveness of strategies, celebrate achievements, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure continued growth and success.

What do you think?

We will work together to solve your challenges on a flexible schedule.

I can support you in your career if you ...

- no longer have joy and fulfillment when you go to work
- feel you have to pull yourself up to perform
- are confused about your future and feel you need to make a change
- feel that you no longer resonate with the people around you
- want to advance in your career and have not been successful so far

Together with me, you will understand how ...

- to find a fulfilling job
- to become successful, build a strategy, and an action plan
- to make changes in the direction you want to go
- to let go to be at peace with yourself

Pricing plans

NLP and Systemic Coaching: Empowering Personal Development


3 Sessions
Coaching and Training
Obstacle Standing
Specific Advice Situation
Includes all Workbooks


8 Sessions
Coaching and Training
Obstacle Standing
Specific Advice Situation
Includes all Workbooks


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General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers regarding NLP and Systemic Coaching. Please feel free to contact me if you don't get your question answered below.

Coaching is about understanding human behavior. It is a learning model that activates, empowers, and flexes resources to generate new skills. It aims to help you become aware and understand what is happening in your life.

The term originated in the 1830s at Oxford University when an activity was initiated to support students in taking exams. The term was used in an analogy with the time’s transport system when people used coaches for long distances.
As in this system, there is a client (beneficiary), a coach (a tool to make the distance easier to travel), a destination (goal), and a route to travel.
With the help of a coach, the client knows that he will travel that road much more quickly than if he had walked the way he did before (alone or on foot), and that he will arrive safely at his destination.

If you’ve had a dream for a long time but don’t have the energy and motivation to get started, then coaching can help you build a strategy to get closer to achieving that dream.

In coaching, the client is assumed to be healthy and functioning. A good coach knows that all the solutions and answers lie within the client.

In coaching, the answers and the solutions are future-oriented and focus on solutions. Coaching is not meant to fix someone. It is about understanding human behavior. Coaching is about understanding that we are good as we are.
A coach supports a client in removing mental obstacles, a psychologist makes psychological analyses, a psychotherapist offers psychotherapy sessions, and a psychiatrist is a medical doctor specialized in psychological diseases.

In the coaching process, the coach may have, but does not necessarily need to have, technical experience in the area of interest requested. The main tool is the question, and in the session, you will have open-ended questions to find your needed answers.

Depending on the challenge, life coaching focuses on issues such as relationships, health, and goals. Business coaches are focused on productivity, performance, or business strategies. Depending on your challenge, we set up a meeting to discuss whether working together is productive and if I’m the right one to support you.

A coaching session aims to achieve a concrete, specific result. The strategy for achieving this result is built after a discussion with a trusted coach who offers listening, understanding, and discretion. I will create the context to put your ideas into a clear and organized form and support you to test, correct, and enriching them.

Following the coaching process, you will go through several stages: “I don’t know,” “I know, but I don’t do yet,” and at the end, you will reach the “I know, and I do” stage. Most importantly, after understanding certain processes, you will realize that the responsibility for the results lies entirely with you. Only then will you move into the “I know, and I’m doing better” stage!

We will work on all your challenges until you are satisfied with the results. Ultimately, it should be clear what you need to do, how you need to think, and how you need to be to overcome your blocks and achieve your dreams.

Yes, at any time. My recommendation is to take some time and consult with me before stopping to understand the reasons behind it.

The most essential thing after coaching is to take control of your life. You understand your blockage and overcome it thanks to the methods applied. If a similar challenge arises, you can overcome it yourself. The desired goal is to become independent in the end.

From the contracting stage, we agree on the length of a coaching session to make productive use of our time. Some clients reach the desired result after 30 minutes, and others, in rare cases, do not reach that result even in 90 minutes. In this case, you can either ask for an extension of the session, or we can reopen the questions you were looking for answers to in other sessions. When the desired result is reached more quickly, you either stop the session or use the remaining time for another purpose.

We will work together to solve your challenges according to a flexible schedule, which we set together.

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