How to focus in only 10 seconds!

How do you keep yourself focused in very intense moments and on a day-to-day basis?

Our mind is a mighty instrument whose primary purpose is to keep us alive, and every day we have more than 60 000 thoughts. This information comes from a study of Dr Fred Luskin at Stanford University. Of those 60,000, 90% of them are repetitive – through the day and from previous days.

I remember that a few years ago, I had 1000 thoughts simultaneously and was jumping from one idea to another. My concentration was terrible, and I was always creating negative scenarios.
After I learned and started to use this simple NLP Technique, I learned how to focus and my life drastically changed.

When I was overwhelmed by my own thoughts, I asked myself these questions:

  • What problem do I solve right now with my thoughts?
  • What do I obtain?
  • What is the effect of my thoughts?
  • Are my thoughts creating a strategy to improve my life?

If the answer to these questions is a strategy, you use the mind rationally and analytically. If the answer is negative and there is no problem to be fixed, your mind creates scenarios because of an emotional need, and there is no control.

On a day-to-day basis, after you observe your thoughts, you have two options: stop the thoughts or identify the emotional need. Now you will know hot to focus and this awareness alone puts you in a position of control, and you can start building a strategy to free yourself.

The idea is to control your mind, not the contrary.
A perfect example describes the life of some people, especially older people: many say that time is moving faster. In reality, these people relive past events or are concerned about the future. They do not know how to focus, or they can not do that. They stay in their minds so much and do not have time to do things. They do not have time to live in the present or enjoy life.

Remember that the mind is one of the most valuable tools you have, and I hope you start using these questions to stop the monkey circus from your head.

  • What problem do I solve right now with my thoughts?
  • What do I obtain?
  • What is the effect of my thoughts?
  • Are my thoughts creating a strategy to improve my life?

If you want to learn more about how to focus or how to stop negative thinking patterns, I’ll tell you that similar methods are part of the NLP Practitioner course held in English in Munich / München. There, the concept of mindfulness is explained and rehearsed, with numerous practical examples, to understand when you can use it most efficiently. Also, In this course, you will start by assessing to understand where you start from. From there, you will learn strategies that will help you improve your concentration and focus over time. You will gain the clarity you need to make optimal decisions in your career and your private life at all times. 

Why is this important? Just think about this:

  • Your thoughts become your words.
  • Your words become your actions.
  • Your actions become your habits.
  • Your habits become your character.
  • Your character becomes your identity.

(Chinese proverb, author unknown)

If you’re interested in how the mind works, NLP neuro-linguistic programming, Coaching or communicationdrop me a line, and I’ll tell you more. Also, if you want to do a private coaching session in nature, feel free to read about my other project where you become one with the mountains, here!