You can always achieve what you want if you  

No, I won’t tell you so fast. 

Why? Because you will never use it. So, if you genuinely want to reach that dream you always wanted, take 5 minutes and learn something important.

You’ve already heard many times that you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with.

  • If you have five intelligent people around you, you’ll end up the sixth.
  • If you have five athletes around you, you’ll end up sixth.
  • If you have five rich people around you, you’ll end up sixth.

Likewise, if you’ve got five fools around, you’ll be the sixth.

I’m writing this because, at the beginning of the year, many people make resolutions: to lose weight, to make money, to go to some place, to do something, etc.

The reality is that only some people decide to change where they spend their time or their surroundings.

Do you think that if you set out to lose 10 kilograms but stay with the same people you put them on, it’s going to work? Yes, 1, maybe 2, but in time they will all come back eventually.

Do you really think that if you set out to get richer, but you hang around people who waste time, don’t understand money, don’t save, it will work?

Honestly, not really!

Do you really think that if you set out to have a relationship but hang around people who are constantly complaining and victimizing themselves, it’s going to work?

No. No way.

Along with those goals you set at the beginning of the year, along with your desires and dreams that hope will come true this year, you should also pay attention to your entourage if you plan to achieve what you want.

I recently remembered an experiment I did as a child. You only need ink, water, and a white flower. After you put the flower in the colored water, the petals will no longer be white but will soon be the color of the water.

This little game revealed to me the importance of an entourage. If interesting, aware, and responsible people surround you, you will get quality information and interesting topics, and there will be growth in your life. If, instead, you are surrounded by people who do not take responsibility for their lives and have a victim mentality, the results will be sad, really really sad.

In the end, I give you one powerful method to achieve what you want, and most of my coaching clients who have done it have confirmed that it has changed their lives.

It takes no more than 5 minutes, and afterward, I ask you to also tell me your opinion.

The method to always achieve  what you want: 

Take a pen and a sheet of paper and answer the following questions:

1. List the top 5 goals/dreams/wishes you have set for yourself this year, and write them down one below the other.

Just take your time and write it down.

2. Now that you have your 5 goals written down, write down how many hours and time you have allocated this week to accomplish these goals. Write the exact number to the right of each goal. Don’t cheat, be realistic.


3. And the final question. On the right, in the third column, write down how long it will take you to achieve your goal if you continue at the same pace.

Yes, now it is the absolute reality. Just be honest with yourself.

For all my coaching clients, this exercise has had the effect of a cold shower. After understanding this, there were no more excuses, and they understood that they have responsibility for the results in their own lives.

I hope you took the time to do this little game and that it was worthwhile. In addition, just like in the flower experiment, be aware of your environment because those behaviors, that way of thinking, and the information you receive influence your life more than you think, and why not, it can support you or it can prevent you to achieve what you want.

In addition, if you have a specific situation you want to work on, message me, and we can work on it together in a private coaching session here or on a hike.

See you soon.