Productivity Method – The 100% Principle

Some of you may already know, and others will know now that I got German citizenship last year. Because the Corona regulations didn’t permit organizing any festivities the previous year, the welcoming event (Neubürgerempfang) was postponed for this year.

On this occasion, I got the opportunity to personally meet Mr. Dr. Markus Söder, the Bavarian Minister President, and Mr. Joachim Herrmann, the Minister of the Interior, Sport, and Integration.

The event took place in one of the finest locations, Keisersaal, at Munich Residence, which served as the seat of government and residence of the Bavarian dukes, electors, and kings from 1508 to 1918.

Why did I write all this, and what is the connection with this productivity method, “The 100% Principle?”

Well, It has to do with the attitude of Mr. Markus Söder and Mr. Joachim Herrmann. As I always said,

Even though more than a few hundred people were attending the event, Mr. Markus Söder and Mr. Joachim Herrmann took the time to welcome each new citizen personally.

Did they stop at 50%?


At 80%?

No, they did not.

Everyone who wanted to immortalize this special event by taking photos with these remarkable leaders had a chance to do that.

Remarkable, don’t you think?

Because I worked for many years in manufacturing and producing goods, I applied many productivity principles in my daily life. In this particular case, the productivity method is to give your best at any given time and treat your colleagues as final customers. Now, I am inviting you to think for a second:

In how many situations of your life are you giving your 100%?

Or, let me ask you something else.

When driving, are you paying attention 100% or only 80%? What would happen if you were concentrating only 50%? Would you arrive safely at your destination? Wouldn’t you get into an accident and wreck your car? Would you still get home safely?

It terrified me when I first thought about this.

You could also think about these situations.

When you prepare a soup, do you cook it only 80%? When you wash your car, do you wash it only 80%? When you have sex, do you stop at 80%? Or at 50%? 

Do you see that this productivity method can be applied everywhere?

How would your life change if you gave 100% in everything?

I can only guess. You’ll be much happier at work because you’ll gain energy from those activities. Just think about the gift you give others by sharing your talents and skills. Isn’t this something that could motivate you to give 100%?

With your family and loved ones, are you always there for them? What would happen if you were present, listened to, or asked questions?

How would it be when you have sex, not just to indulge in a brief intimacy but to experience one of the deepest forms of human connection fully?

How about when you wash your car, to clean it 100%? What if you cooked the meat for the soup 100%? What if, when driving, you pay attention 100%?

What would happen if you applied the 100% principle in all areas of your life?

If you’re interested in learning a new productivity method every now and then to improve your life or how the mind works, drop me a line, and I’ll tell you more. Additionally, once per year, I start the NLP Practitioner course in English in Munich / München, where the participants learn, over 9 modules, how to increase their self-esteem and personal confidence, communicate to have great relationships, and understand the connection between emotions and success. More about this course you can read here.

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