Career advice: 3 basic questions on your current job!

Can walking on water help you make decisions?

A while back, I had a coaching client who, no matter how much he accomplished at work, his superiors were always focused on what wasn’t working. After some years, the person had gotten so bad, to the edge of depressionand thought his professional value was deficient.

I know this is a typical case for many people, and many superiors do this unconsciously, while others, unfortunately, do it consciously.

To determine if it was professional or emotional, I suggested he tell me how he was doing with the performance indicators he had to meet.

In addition, to get him out of that mood, I asked him 5 significant accomplishments in the past month and 5 major failures.

The person’s face lit up when he started talking about his achievements, and he could only find one situation where he was dissatisfied.

I told him a little Jesus Christ story to show him another perspective.

It once happened that Jesus wanted to preach to a crowd of several thousand people, and on his way there, he came across a lake.

The lake was small, except that walking around the lake on the path normally meant a delay of several hours.

He sat, thought, and started walking the shortest way, straight across the water to that crowd.

Naturally, as in any crowd, some local leaders were against his message, unhappy with the changes it brought. Seeing Jesus coming on the water toward the group, those leaders started criticizing Jesus by saying:

“Look at that one; he is coming to us, “the great preacher“, but he can’t even swim!”

Interesting storyisn’t it? If you also want a small career advice, take a moment and consider your own life:

  • Have you ever thought about whether your environment is suitable for your development?
  • Do the people around you share your ideas?
  • Do your bosses and superiors support you or pull you back?

I hope this short story, this career advice, has given you the clarity it gave my coaching client, and have this in mind:

The action begins when frustration overcomes the fear of the unknown.

As a career advice, I am asking you something else: When did you last think about changing your job? I suggest thinking about your career every two or three years. Go out and check out new opportunities and do some salary comparisons. If you know the market you are in, you will make smarter career decisions when you have accurate data. 

Remember that there is a lot of opportunity in a moment of chaos. Most major career accelerations happen when you step into a critical situation and make a difference.

The ones who wait for the perfect moment will be overcome by the ones who don’t.

There will never be a perfect moment to speak, share an idea, or take a chance. Just take the chance, and don’t let thoughts like “I don’t feel like I’m ready” get in the way. 

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